Wall panels are available for every room in the house. No mess, no building license, no noise, no dust, no unhappy neighbours. Done in a very quick time compared with knocking off existing tiles. Panels are fitted on top of your existing tiles. 

Living Room

Wall panels are perfect to change the look of your living or dining room. Maybe your walls are in need of some repair. Holes, re-plastering, can all be covered with our waterproof panels with a 15 year guarantee. Easy to clean, more waterproof than tiles and no mess. Perfect. 


Change the walls in your bedroom to suit your colour scheme. Nutural colours, or patterned designs in many colours and textures. Change the look of your bedroom without the mess. 


Aqua wall panels are perfect for kitchens. Cover existing tiles and have a new fresh and innovative look to your kitchen. A quick, Clean and non intrusive way to change your kitchen without a building license. 


Bathroom fitting on the Costa Del Sol is where Aqua panels are most at home. They are more waterproof than tiles, less messy, take less cleaning and can be fitted on top of your existing tiles. 

office & Commercial

The Aqua Panels are not just good for home office, they are a fabulous option for commercial premises, bars, restaurants, and cafes. With the minimum of mess and of course time you can change the look of your premises to a clean and brand new look.